Hip BLEEPING Surgery


Bill Conlin. Bill BLEEPING Conlin takes a look this morning at the toughness of Chase Utley and points out that many players would have packed in their seasons if they had that hip injury. Chase toughed it out and played through pain to become immortal.

Had the Phillies' medical staff ordered an MRI in June or July to help
diagnose the condition Utley refused to acknowledge publicly or to
complain about privately, he would have been shut down at some point in
the process. Chase has been monitored since the final out of the World
Series game he saved for posterity with one of the great instinctive
defensive plays in postseason history. The hip failed to improve. The
MRI pointed him to the arthroscope.

It's a solid article and just another reminder of the kind of guy we have playing second base for us in Philadelphia. (well, maybe not until June)

Somebody asked me recently who my favorite athlete of all time was. I thought about it for a second and the first name that popped into my head was Chase Utley. Is that strange to have a current player be your favorite athlete of all time? Growing up I always loved Mo Cheeks, Mike Quick, the Doc, Sir Charles, and Barry Sanders. I'd put the current Eagles triumvirate of Westbrook, Dawkins, and McNabb up there. But to be honest, I think Chase Utley is my favorite athlete ever.

Perhaps it was on WIP or perhaps in conversation over a beer, but Chase's dropping of the F bomb on Halloween 2008 is forver going to add the  F word into the everyday lexicon of Philadelphia sports fans. It will surely tire out and jump the shark at some point but you could order an Italian Fucking Hoagie at WaWa today and people wouldn't blink twice at you.

Playing though a hip bleeping injury to win the 2008 World Series just adds to the legend.

>>Bill Conlin: CHASE TO THE CUTTING [Daily News]

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