How to Savor the World Series


Like many of you, I can't get enough of any and everything that has to do with the Phillies amazing World Series run. After spending Friday with 2 million of my closest friends, I was curious what The Parade down Broad Street looked like on television. Well, after searching around Comcast On Demand, I was elated to see a "Phillies" category that included the 300+ minute telecast of the parade on Comcast Sportsnet in the Philly area. Jackpot!

Also of note, I noticed that iTunes is offering all five of the World Series games for download at 2 bucks a pop. Not a bad deal. I haven't downloaded it yet, but if anyone has and would like to comment on it, feel free.

From newspapers I plan to save and ticket stubs from the games to Sports Illustrated's commemorative issue, I plan on soaking this all in to the fullest and having as much to remember it by as I can years down the road. If there's a great DVD or a hidden gem somewhere online, feel free to share in the comments.

Hey, Bill, you want a pull of my 40?

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