Iowa Crushes Penn State's Dreams


Our PSU student correspondent Ali chimes in on Saturday's Iowa game.

Well I guess we’re not going to Miami. An un-ranked Iowa
team killed that dream with a game winning field goal, leaving Penn State fans
in utter shock and disappointment.

Penn State got off to a rough start, but dominated the time
of possession in the 1st half. Unfortunately the offense couldn’t
get the ball in the end zone and most of the drives ended in only 3 points.
Derrick Williams was virtually the only guy making plays on offense, probably
because the majority of play calls seemed to be centered around him. It all began to fall apart in the 4th
quarter and the defense failed to make stops when it really mattered on Iowa’s
last drive of the game.

A pass interference penalty on 3rd down kept
the Hawkeyes’ drive going, and had me hoping for a miracle. But once the ball
flew through the uprights and the Iowa fans stormed the field, I realized the
best Nittany Lions’ fans could hope for was a trip to the Rose Bowl. While that
is nothing to be ashamed of, it is still tough to swallow.

The perfect season is over, but with 2 games left to play,
the team needs to turn their focus to the Rose Bowl. Let’s hope for 11-1.This
team had such promise, and to see their chances of getting JoePa back to a
national title game die with only 3 games left to play is heartbreaking. I wanted nothing more than for Joe to end his
legendary career on top. If he decides to return next year, I’ll be looking
forward to watching another run at the championship.

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