It's Just A New Day…Right?


When we woke up as a fan base last Thursday, a day after the Phillies won the World Series, our lives were different. It was just a new day, but it was a different new day.A weight was lifted off our collective shoulders as a city, a region and a fan base. We were validated. We were different. The world suddenly became a friendlier place. A better place. We could finally breathe.

This has been a pretty rewarding week for Democrats in the tri-state area. The Phillies won the World Series and we got our parade for the first time in a quarter century. Last night, America voted for a Democratic Presidential candidate for the first time in over a decade, someone NOT named Clinton or Bush for the first time in nearly a quarter century and a minority candidate for the first time in more than two centuries. In other words, for the first time ever.Another weight has been lifted.Now, say what you want about Obama and McCain – I don't care who you voted for – I only care that you were part of this historic process.

Sports and Politics are more similar than most people realize. In simple terms, they both boil down to winning and losing. Sometimes by any means necessary.

The difference between sports and politics is the involvement of the regular spectator. In sports, we are the "12th" man or "sixth man" or whatever you'd call that in baseball. We can undoubtedly control the outcome of an event, but at best our involvement as a fan is seen as an indirect correlation to the outcome. We affect the outcome. We don't decide it.

So when youhear the stories of athletes 'playing dirty' in the trenches or sliding into home plate, it doesn't resonate with us as much as dirty politics. Playing dirty in sports is a means to an end. It's how you win.Playing dirty in politics has been going on for centuries.We reject it, and yet we buy into it. Can you tell me one message that John McCain approved that didn't take a shot at Obama for being unprepared to lead, wrong for America or a friend of terrorists? Did you see one message that Barack Obama approved that didn't link McCain to George W. Bush?

Politics can get nasty. Hate and fear galvanize people. It makes people angry enough to take action. That's what Obama was trying to run against...talking rather about hope and change...but even his campaign spent more time talking about what we need to change FROM rather than what we're going to change TO.

Don't you think that after all this is done, the 100 Senators all go into some giant back room and share a drink? I think that Barack Obama likes John McCain more than he likes Hillary Clinton. I think that Joe Biden likes John McCain more than he likes Barack Obama. I think we all hate Joe Lieberman.

Last night (in the video below) there were people booing Barack Obama at John McCain's speech.He stopped mid-sentence to implore the crowd to get behind Obama and support him and this nation. Country First after all. McCain wouldn't let his supporters boo his opponent – his rival in the biggest game of his life – because he had lost. A month ago, people were yelling 'terrorist' and 'kill him' at a Sarah Palin rally and nobody on the dais batted an eye. They needed that hate and that anger to help them win. Now, well, the game's over folks. "We don't really hate Obama. We don't really think he's a terrorist.We were just trying to get your vote.Frankly, he's a great man and will make a great President. We tried, and lost, now get behind him because the real enemy is out there trying to kill us every day."Or something like that.

That's where sports are really different. Hate away, fans. Hate away, players.

Jimmy Rollins hates the Mets. Think about it...the man gets to give his World Championship acceptance speech in front of his entire fan base and he brings up the Mets. At first, I thought it was just a way to get the fans on his side...but we were already on his side. Then I thought it was a savvy way to keep the rivalry going, but winning a World Title is just going to piss the fans of those choking dogs off even more.This rivalry isn't going anywhere.

Then I realized.Jimmy Rollins really really doesn't like the Mets. And the Mets really really don't like the Phillies.From Newsday, via MetsBlog:

“I don’t like those guys. I know they don’t like us. There are guys that I respect on that team. I respect them, but that doesn’t necessarily mean that I’m going to be friends with them.”

That was from the mouth of David Wright. Not a fan of the Phils.

In conclusion...the game is over, and the Phillies won. The other game is over and the Democrats won. In one game, we've been asked to put our differences aside and forget all that fear mongering and hate speech over the last two years. That wasn't real life, it was propaganda. In the other game, well it's not real life either. It's just a game, so hate those bastards all you want. Choking dogs.

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