Iverson Gives 100K to Gun Buyback Program


Former Sixers star Allen Iverson is trying to help out his old stomping grounds of Newport News, Virginia.  A.I. is giving $100,000 to a gun buyback program which "offers money to residents who turn in guns to police, with no questions asked."

Iverson, who makes the max NBA salary, doesn't mind passing up a new Bentley in the hopes of saving a life or two, "I can remember growing up in Newport News and Hampton and if we can prevent one more child from being killed and another
family from crying and mourning the death of another loved one, then it
is more than worth it."

It's quite the turnaround from his thugish days as a young high school kid getting into trouble.

>>Iverson gives $100,000 to NN Gun Buyback Program [Daily Press]

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