Iverson's Nuggets Prove Too Much for Sixers


Allen Iverson can still score.  The former Sixer put up 38 points last night while leading the Nuggets to a 109-96 win over his old team.  (Great Video highlights of the game here. Iverson still has itI miss that guy)

The Answer says the win over Philly is no different from any other.

"I am happy we got the win. As I said before, it's just another
basketball game. We went through that song and dance last year when
they came here. It wasn't any big deal to me. I just wanted to
contribute and help us win the basketball game."

The trade that sent Iverson to Denver has paid of pretty well for the Nuggets who are currently 21-12 putting them firmly in right ahead of surging Portland for the Northwest division lead.  However, head coach George Karl regrets part of the deal.

Karl said his one regret about the trade was having to part with Miller.

"It was one of the hardest things I went through, and I know that Andre
is still angry with me for the trade," Karl said. ". . . The only thing
I wanted to do was keep Andre here, because my dream was keeping Andre
and A.I. together."

And all I wanted was for the Sixers to trade up to draft Kevin Durant and Greg Oden.  Come on George, you had to give up something.

The Nugg Doctor tells Philly to eat their heart out.  Thanks, dick.

>>Old team is old news, a happy Iverson says [Inquirer]

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