Jason Babin Laughed When Andy Reid Told Him He Was Released, Then Laughed Some More When He Shared the Story


In case you were worried, Jason Babin is taking his release from the Eagles just fine.

Really, he's probably in better spirits than you are right now.

Following his release, Babin hit the media circuit Tuesday afternoon, with his best quotes coming in an interview with Jonathan Coachman ("The Coach!") on ESPN Radio, which we've transcribed below.

Babin said Andy Reid called him personally to deliver the news. He was of two minds on the matter. We'll let him take it from here:

"One, any time you see Andy Reid come across your caller ID, you know [laughs] it's probably not a good thing.

"But two, [laughs] all I could do was was -- almost -- I laughed. I was like [while laughing], 'Alright, coach. if that's what what you gotta do.' It was just -- I don't know -- caught me off guard."

Jason Babin. The latest on the confirmed list of guys who don't quite "get it."

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