Jeffrey Lurie to Hold Press Conference at 2:30


Will there be any fireworks?
Nobody is quite certain what the owner of Philadelphia Eagles intends to address at the presser, a somewhat unusual affair to kick off the Birds' offseason. However, we are taking bets.
4/1 Announces the Firing of Andy ReidAt 4/1 odds, you can't afford not to bet on Reid's dismissal! All reports so far indicate Andy will be returning for a 14th season, but you can't help but look at the timing of this presser, and match it up with the delay of the head coach's final media address. Even still, we're not so sure.
15/2 Announces Andy Reid's ResignationAndy made waves at Sunday's post-game press conference when he refused to answer a question about whether he wants to return to the Eagles in 2012. It seems likely the head coach was just in hyper-deflect mode with regard to all the questions about his future, but it was a little peculiar nonetheless.
100/1 Announces Juan Castillo's Removal as Defensive CoordinatorWe're sure this would thrill practically everyone, but dismissing or demoting the defensive coordinator doesn't sound like a job for an owner. In fact, we're waiting for Mr. Lurie to point out the Eagles had the eighth-ranked defense in the NFL when grilled on Juan.
25/1 Announces Joe Banner's DepartureHaven't heard anybody mention this possibility yet, but it would make some sense. We wouldn't necessarily know of any reason Banner might want to step down as team president due to the organization's secretive nature, but he's been with the Eagles since 1995, so it would be a big deal if he was leaving -- or gets ousted.
2/1 Simply Addresses Disappointing SeasonLots of folks have been calling on Jeffrey Lurie to say something, ANYTHING, so this may just be a response to that outcry. It's been a difficult year for Lurie, from seeing his franchise fall short of expectations, to watching fans pile out of his stadium during a winnable game, never to return in full force. Maybe he wants to sell us on this front office and coaching staff. Maybe he just wants to be accountable.
Don't expect any major shifts though.

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