Jimmy Rollins Says CBP Was Too Quiet On Sunday Night


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Rollins Not the result we wanted but that's
the way it is!! Now we just gotta handle biz on the road! Also fans were
waaay to quiet tonight
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Following Sunday night's loss to the Cardinals, Jimmy Rollins took to Twitter as he's been accustomed to do as of late. Young James said the fans were too quiet last night, which after sitting in the upper deck for the entire game, I'd have to agree with.

But after seeing Jimmy's tweet, my immediate reaction was to respond "and so were the bats." I didn't need to say it, however, because I already saw multiple people sharing the same thought with Jimmy.

To Rollins' defense, he wasn't wrong at all. Citizens Bank Park was way too quiet for a playoff game. But the Phillies did only manage one hit after the second inning. That certainly didn't help.

From where I was sitting and the people around me, it seemed like the crowd really wanted to get into it, but there were no plays on the field that allowed for any sort of sustained rally that could really wake the crowd up.

What comes first, a quiet CBP or quiet bats?

What do you think about Jimmy calling out the crowd? I feel like he could have done it in a much more encouraging way. Maybe say something about how "the team didn't bring their A-game just like crowd failed to do on Sunday night. We're going to step up our game and hopefully you fans can step up yours when we bring this thing back to the Bank."

You know, a reality check with a rallying cry.

Do you have any problems with what J-Roll said or how he went about it?

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