Jimmy Rollins Travels to Uganda to Play with Kids, Freestyle Raps Along the Way


Jimmy Rollins gave us a teaser on Twitter a few months back when he showed off an email he received from a young kid in Uganda who loved playing baseball and looked up to the Philadelphia Phillies shortstop. There was clearly a correspondence going on and it looked as if Jimmy may be seeing him soon.

As it turns out, J-Roll recently traveled to Africa for the first time ever to meet the youngster and his fellow baseball players in Uganda. It's safe to say, Jimmy was blown away by the kids and their skills.

ESPN The Magazine's Steve Wulf wrote about Rollins' experience with the kids. Not surprisingly, the trip seems to have meant as much to Rollins as it did for the kids, who will hopefully get a nicer ball field due in part to Jimmy's efforts.

The whole story is worth your time, for sure, but we thoroughly enjoyed one nugget in particular. Jimmy was pulled onto a stage during a lunchtime gathering on Martin Luther King Day and busted out a freestyle rap that went something like this, according to ESPN:

"One two one two, in Uganda baseball comes through

Big D Lee in the house and so is me doing it everyday casually

Because we like to play and get down, Uganda, Nsambya, the big towns

I'm not done, we get it down, we get it too, I stand up and push, it's on you

And when the ball leave the field I'm gonna clown

Walk down the baseline, throw a pound

To the sky, up high, to my fans, we got a plan

Everybody just say baseball … baseball

Everybody say baseball …baseball"

Please, please, please let there be a cell phone video of this.

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