Lenny Dykstra is Always Hunting, Bro


Lenny Dykstra has turned into quite the businessman slash side show. We know this. So today's Daily News article about The Dude's latest exploits isn't very surprising. He's been jet setting across the country in pursuit of $15 million homes in an area of New England near Martha's Vineyard and hobnobbing at the Ritz and giving talks on Wall Street. All while using a Merle Haggard ringtone. The guy is never lacking in entertainment value.

He's still plugging along with his The Players Club magazine, still gnawing away at licorice, and still sipping root beer. The part of the lengthy piece I found most interesting was his current feelings on the game of baseball.

A crowd surrounds Dykstra when he is done speaking. He signs some
autographs and he poses for photographs with some of his fans. Some of
them ask him how he expects the Phillies to do in the World Series and
he says he likes them. "They have a nice team," he says. But baseball
is just a topic of idle conversation to him at this point, an easy
reference point to segue into the affairs of chasing a dollar.
"Baseball was always too structured for me," he says as he walks out in
the parking lot. He grins and adds, "Guess you could say I was one of
those miserable millionaires."

It's sad when the love of the game is gone and it's all about the money. We miss the old Dude.

>>Former Phillie Dykstra is living high life of entrepreneur [Daily News]

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