Lupul Dropped to Fourth Line


Comcast SportsNet reports that Joffrey Lupul will skate with the fourth line today, with Aaron Asham moving up from the checking class. The new fourth line will be Glen Metropolit, Josh Gratton, and Lupul. Lupul's inconsistent season is a microcosm of the entire team's, so the demotion, however short-lived, is something of a surprise.

In the first five games of the season, none of which the Flyers won,
Lupul was held without a point. He then scored twice in a loss to San
Jose, and added three more goals and four more points over his next
three games—all Flyers wins. In the next four games, three of which
were losses, Lupul was held off the score sheet, other than the minus
column and a pair of SOGs.

More than likely, it's a very temporary move. NHL coaches do it all
the time, hoping to stir things up by giving an agitator like Asham
more ice time while sending a message to an underachieving scorer. 

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