Lupul, Kapanen Hit By Friendly Fire


Two Flyers may miss time after being injured by accidents involving their teammates last night. Joffrey Lupul likely
suffered a concussion after a nasty collision with Derian Hatcher,
after Hatcher leveled Toronto's Alex Steen. Steen saw the hit coming and went down, avoiding the worst of it, and
Hatcher caught Lupul hard, sending the back of his head to the ice like
Derek Sutton in Youngblood. In the highlights after the jump, it's right after the Carter goal, at about 3:00 in.

Lupul has been the hottest goal scorer on the team lately, so it's terrible news to hear he's the latest Flyer to be concussed. This team has terrible history with that particular injury. Sami Kapanen took 25 stitches in his lip after being hit by an errant pass from Mike Richards.

Check out the picture in this article by Tim Panaccio. In addition to Steen's glove flying off, you can see Lupul's helmet out of place, leaving the back of his head exposed as he falls to the ice.

UPDATE: Lupul will be shut down for at least a few weeks with a mild concussion and a spinal cord contusion. He spent the night in the hospital, and is experiencing tingling sensations in his hands. A tough loss for the Flyers and the growing base of Lupul fans in town. Hopefully he recovers completely and quickly.

The game in 6 minutes:

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