McNabb's Take: Eagles should not hire Kelly


As the Eagles begin their first head-coaching search in 14 years, a former Eagle gave his thoughts on what candidates they should pursue.

Donovan McNabb appeared on Comcast SportsNet's Thursday edition of "Daily News Live" and discussed the Eagles' coaching situation.

First, Oregon's Chip Kelly would be a "bad move."

"I feel like it would be a bad move to bring Chip Kelly here," McNabb said.

Why? Well, McNabb believes the Eagles need to find a defensive-oriented coach.

"It's like you're just grabbing names out of a hat," McNabb said.

"I would say the next move now is to move to a defensive-minded coach," McNabb said. "Have someone come in here and be able to get these guys disciplined, understanding what they have to do, being gap sound, being in the right position at all times, and then bring an offensive guru insomeone who can run an offense and run it effectively."

McNabb then offered some "defensive-minded" guys who could fit.

"Obviously, you look at Mike Nolan (Atlanta Falcons defensive coordinator). Everywhere he's been, his defenses played well. He hasn't had success as a head coach, but when he's been defensive coordinator, his defenses have played well."

Unfortunately, though, the candidates aren't ripe for the picking in terms of defense, according to McNabb.

"Most of the guys that are out there are offensive guys," McNabb said. "Lovie Smith's (former Chicago Bears head coach) a defensive guy, Ray Horton (Arizona Cardinals defensive coordinator) is a guy. Will they bring Ray Horton or Lovie in? I don't think so."

Do coaches want to come to Philadelphia compared to job openings elsewhere?

"Chicago is a hot-spot, number one," McNabb said. "Number two, possibly looking at something like Arizona because that's a division (NFC West) where you don't have to win 10, 11, 12 games to win that division, and the Eagles would probably rank third."

Aside from the Eagles' coaching vacancy, McNabb was asked if he had talked to Andy Reid about joining him in Kansas City if he does in fact land with the Chiefs.

"I have not," McNabb answered.

"I'm focusing on perfecting what I'm doing right now and that's working with the NFL Network."

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