More New Bryzgalov Mask Pics


More images of the "We The People..." mask that was given to Ilya Bryzgalov today have surfaced on Twitter thanks to @PuckDucky who is tight with the folks from @paintzoo who did the fine paint work.

As you can see, the mask goes the historic route, with Ben Franklin (and his bridge) on one side and Betsy Ross on the other. Ms. Puck Ducky also mentioned that Bryz said he may opt to wear two masks this season, one for home games and one for away games. [more photos below]

The Liberty Bell chin is a nice touch.

Thanks to @PuckDucky for the photos. Here's a few pics of Miss Ducky with the mask, for those of you interested in seeing it with the white face cage added. Last two pics via Drummond Custom Airbrush's Facebook, where there are more like them.

InGoal Magazine has more images as well.

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