More Philadelphia Slashies (AthleteModels)

Share has done it again, luring Philly athletes into the shadowy, awkwardly lit underbelly of the modeling industry. We've previously seen Riley Cote and Young James fall prey to their graffiti-tattoo t-shirted ways, and now they've converted Kyle Kendrick and Glenolden's finest, Stephenie LaGrossa, as well as Hank Baskett, Brent Celek, and repeat performer Mike (West... German...) Richards.

Kyle and Stephenie get us started here. This isn't the same hayseed who was "traded" to Japan. Nope, this Kyle Kendrick respects the influence of Kurt Cobain and shoots GTFO! looks at you when you walk in on him and his special lady friend, who, incidentally, knows how to rock some ska pants.

Hank Baskett and Brent Celek, however, are pretty sure you don't want to know what happens in area stairwells after dark. Data cables. That's what.

If you're game, they'll teach you all about it in these tight blazers, complete with professor patches. But do not—do not—look at the glowing orb. I'm not even kidding!

Brent Celek can't bear to face it head on; even his dragon t-shirt is no match.

Switching gears, some people wondered whether Mike Richards cared about being left off the All-Star roster. Does he look like he cares?


No! Because crying in the mirror is some Jeremy Shockey shit.

Feel free to add your own captions.

(via emoda's flickr)

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