Morning Extras: Cowher, Spags or Big Red?


A few months ago, Mike Missanelli was talking on his mid-day radio show (heard at 950ESPN radio from 3-7) and said something that really hit close to home. I'm a fraud. Well, not me specifically, but people who don't root for the local teams are frauds. I've been a Denver Broncos fan since the day they lost the Super Bowl to the Giants. For years I was reluctant to become an Eagles fan because I hated the jerks who invaded Phillies games with their stupid E-A-G-L-E-S chant. It was always great when the drunk morons forgot how to spell, but my ears bled every time I had to hear that in the middle of the summer.

It made me hate the Eagles. Now, what Mikey Miss said really did hit home. I lived in North Jersey for a while and then down the shore, so it wasn't that big a deal to me. I was out of market anyway. But I've been back in Cherry Hill for about four years after growing up the town over. I should be an Eagles fan. And after the Phillies won the World Series, I realized all those idiots who chant during games can stick it. I don't care about you anymore.

Not to jump on any bandwagon, I said on my show a few weeks ago that starting next year, I will be officially rooting for the Eagles. What's the point of all this? Well, little did I know what I was getting myself into. You people really hate this team, don't you? You hate the quarterback. You hate the coach. You hate the front office. Maybe I've been an Eagles fan all along!

I read the tea leaves wrong last week when I said that the Eagles have at least a one-year grace period before anything drastic happens. This week, more people than ever have been out for the blood of Andy Reid and Donovan McNabb. Everyone (including Donovan, it seems) thinks that Five will be playing elsewhere next season. But what do you make of Andy Reid? People who are calling for his firing are nuts. He's not going anywhere.

Sure, I've heard the Rumors of Bill Cowher coming into town to take over the Eagles. You really think the Eagles will pay Cowher top dollar to coach this team – he'll ask to be the highest paid coach in the league – when they won't go out and spend money on top-flight offensive talent to help the team win? The Eagles have a history of promoting former assistants or hiring coaches with no head coaching experience. Look at the list: there hasn't been a coach in the last 23 years who had previous head coaching experience. They've never done that, so why would people think that the Eagles will all of the sudden "make a splash."

It's not going to happen, so stop with the rumors and conjecture.

What makes the most sense, to me, is Steve Spagnuolo. He's a former assistant and the hottest of the hot names. In fact, if you believe what you hear, he's already turned down a job in the division before, so he's even hotter than the other top coordinators out there. And, oh yeah, he's the DC for the best team in the NFC and has seemingly used all the Giants injuries and retirements to his advantage, building a strong, fast, menacing and deep defense.

So, if you want to start rumor mongering that Andy Reid's days as head coach are done, it makes sense that Spags will come back to Philly to take the head job, and Big Red will be bumped upstairs to a cushy VP of Football Operations and Media Stonewalling..or something. If they were to go outside to a guy like Cowher, he'd want total control, and I just don't see that happening with this franchise.

Or they could always promote Marty Morningweg. If that happens, you're all invited to root for Denver. They have a coach who has overstayed his welcome too, but at least he's won a few championships.


• Up this morning, I have an interview with Michele Tafoya from ESPN. We talk about her changing role with MNF and her thoughts on sideline reporting, including some candid thoughts on the 'sideline princesses' that have taken over the profession. We talk NBA, family and why people like Reid and McNabb stonewall locals but open up to the national media celebs.Good listen and if you know any women who work in sports, want to work in sports or really follow sports, I'd say it's a near-must listen.But it's my show, so I'll probably say that.

• Rather than a Photo Phun today, I'll link to 'Duk.Too funny.

• Mike Kern thinks that while the BCS isn't perfect, it gets the job done. There are so many reasons why this is wrong. For another day or in the comments, but how many top seeds in the NFL end up winning the Super Bowl? How many wild-card teams go on a run now? It makes the sport better. AGGHHHHHHHHHHH.

• Scott Lauber reports (from Newsday) that Raul Ibanez is on the radar to play left field for the Phils. I'm not sure another lefty is the best idea for the lineup, personally. Maybe Ruben is just driving up the price for the Mets.

• Finally, Larry Mendte is in the news again, this time with a report that he snooped on Doug Kammerer(erer) in addition to Alicia Lane. The man is sick. Seriously, he's sick, as per his "psychotherapist."

Dennis Donnelly, a psychotherapist, said Mendte told him that he had been bullied in grade school and was motivated by "the fear of losing his job and his standing in the profession and in the community, rather than hatred or a need for vengeance." He said Mendte was "quite remorseful" and "would never engage in this behavior again."

Bullied in school? BULLIED IN SCHOOL? You're 51 years old, and that's the reason your therapist is giving the judge. Fuck you, Larry Mendte. This is total bullshit. The guy is going to get house arrest for this bullshit.Ooooh, you got picked on FOURTY FUCKING YEARS AGO. That should equate for time served, right? Fuck that, I remember a time in sixth grade when some kid pinned me up against the wall in a crowded hallway, held my throat and whispered into my ear, "fucking Jew." (True story, btw). Does that entitle me to look through my neighbor's mail, you know, in case my standing in the community might be at risk?

This, as well as other things in this whole mess, makes me so fucking mad. "fear of losing his job and standing?" OOPS. You thought that sneaking behind the backs of your co-workers and committing multiple FELONIES was the only way to KEEP your job and standing?You're a sick fuck, dude. His sentencing is on Monday. I hope more than one wrist gets slapped.

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