Morning Extras: Never Too Early to Start Holiday Shopping


The economy is in the dump, so expect some major sales this year leading up to the big Christmas and Hannukah holidays.That said, Black Friday – a day for morons to all try to fit into the mall like a thousand clowns fitting into a Volkswagon Beetle – is late this year which shortens the Christmas buying season to just four weeks.In fact, it's about the shortest holiday shopping extrabonanza we can have.

So why not start early.Here are some suggestions for the sports fans out there.

First, for the Phillies fans out there, The 2008 World Series Collector's Edition (Starring: Cole Hamels and Jimmy Rollins)It's Every game of the World Series.If you scroll down, there's a link to buy this with the Phillies Official World Series DVD and a look back at the season by the boys at the Inqy and DN.

For the Sixers fans out there, we have two suggestions. For families, partake in a Fandango Family Fun Pack, with four tickets, sodas, dogs and movie passes for $99 ($149 for decent seats). Trust me, there's plenty of good seats available, so you can probably move closer by the second quarter.

For single (and I suppose hefty) men there's an all you can eat deal for $33 which includes tickets in the end zone rafters. I guess that's where the biggest bathrooms are.

For the Flyers, they do a great job with their Santa Sacks. Anything from two "loaded" tickets with a calendar, puck that they claim is autographed a gift bag and a voucher for two Phantoms tickets for $125 up to lower level seats for four and a Gagne autographed stick for $500. They have watches and they too have all you can eat packages.

That leaves the Eagles. Are you a big Birds fan? Maybe your dad is? Well there's only one gift you can get the die-hard eagles fan this week. Hurry, after Sunday, supplies are limited. It's on sale too! All the players have them.Well not all:

"I didn't even know we sold these on the website," explained Donovan McNabb. "Coach Reid put it on his Pollyanna list and I honestly did not know we offered these. I'd hate to see how much they cost during the playoffs or Super Bowl."


• Last week I wrote that Andy Reid would get at least a year's grace period after the Phillies won. Wow, did I read that one wrong. It seems like the city – and in this case John Smallwood – is out for blood, maybe more than ever.

• Gonzo has a "Fire Andy Reid" mailbag. With every website having comments section, and the people at being the dregs of society with their comments, I didn't know people still did mailbags. Kudos to you, sir. Do they come regular mail? That'd be sweet...and timely.

• Bleeding Green Nation has quotes from a lot of the team, including the guy we all want to hear from...Sav Rocca. Actually, unlike the star of the show, maybe he'll actually say something.

• Igglesblog has the video of Reid's PC, explaining why punting and going for a tie is better than losing because your team couldn't get one yard...again.

• In other games, Phil Dawson hit a 56-yarder outside on the road to give the Browns a MNF win over Buffalo. If a kicker hits a field goal in the forest Orchard Park, and nobody is around to watch it because it's the Browns and the Bills and who the hell cares about the Browns and the Bills, does it still count for fantasy?

• Politics are crazy. Hillary's name was floated last week for Secretary of State. No way that name gets out there unless she and Obama both sign off on it. Which means it's nearly a done deal. Now, there is concern that BILL Clinton may have some issues that cloud her appointment. So, spin it...who wants out – Obama or Hillary? And is blaming Bill the only way out somewhat gracefully? (This is news-worthy. NOT an opportunity to tell us this country is going to hell...blah blah blah. News. And funny, sort of that a former POTUS could be a scapegoat).

• So what's been going on over at The Fightins lately. Oh, meech just started an internet phenomenon and nobody is giving him credit. Meech...all you had to do was make a t-shirt that said 'How Big Is Will', donate the money to ALS and you would have been on every show with this little baby.It's honestly that simple. (And I'm not even kidding).

• Mark Cuban speaks of SEC allegations. Sort of.

• Last, we mourn the loss of Fire Joe Morgan. Deadspin had a nice tribute. Seriously, I can't believe they are quitting just like that. How will I know if Bill Plaschke is a bad writer now? Oh, wait...I can figure THAT one out. Sadly, there is no tribute from this website (which is decidedly not a blog).


Last week's winner:

Cashman: "My team has more money then (sic) yours AND missed the playoffs this year"
Omar: "Well MY team choked away the division and missed the playoffs TWO years and counting." - Tony

The Friends reference by BadMotherFutley would have won, but the actual line is "that's how they DO pants."

For today, I think the Tie photo is enough Phun.Any good comments on what your dad's reaction would be when getting that will be linked tomorrow.

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