Pat Gillick to Ryan Howard: It's Business, Not Personal


"No. Not at all," the Phillies general manager said yesterday when
asked if he was worried that there could be lingering hard feelings if
an arbitration hearing is required to reconcile the difference between
what the Phillies are offering - $7 million - and what Howard's
representative, Casey Close, is asking - $10 million.

Listen, we ALL want Ryan Howard to be a happy Phillie.  Every single radio host I've heard is crying about how the Phillies need to give Howard a long term deal like they gave Utley.  The whole problem with that is, maybe Howard won't settle for a nice $80 million deal like Utley did.  I don't see why everybody has their panties in a wad over this.  You don't go out and break all arbitration records and give Howard the $10 million he's asking for.  You play the game and you offer Howard a respectable long term deal.  If he doesn't want that security right now, that's a risk he has to take.

>>Gillick downplays risk of hurting Howard's feelings [Daily News]

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