Philly Fans Should Cheer Donovan McNabb On Thanksgiving


(at least until he throws his first pick, then it's open season)

As the Donovan McNabb era ostensibly comes to a close, it would be nice to let him go out with some class. From my post just now over at FanHouse:

There's been a lot of speculation in Philly about the kind of
reaction McNabb will receive on this chilly Thanksgiving evening following his mid-game benching last week. In my
opinion, the McNabb era is coming to a close in Philadelphia, we all
realize this, but instead of booing the man who has given us a decade
of wonderful football memories in Philadelphia, I believe the faithful
at Lincoln Financial Field should cheer and support the man and give
thanks for a career in which he brought us "to the appetizer but didn't get [us] to the entree."

At least there were a few tasty appetizers in the past few seasons. Eagles fans are going to have to wait at least a few more years for a real meal.

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