Poll: Does Philly Want Iverson Back?


Eddie Jordan said it best yesterday, Allen Iverson is a guy fans and the media love to talk about. A second Philadelphia life for the Answer would undoubtedly bring a buzz back to the lifeless Wachovia Center. How long would that buzz last? It's hard to tell.

We hear a lot of mixed feelings on the Sixers potentially bringing back Iverson, so we thought we'd put it to a poll.

First, a brief look at both sides of the issue. Would bringing back A.I. help this team in the short term? It could, but it could also hurt their chances of a securing a lottery pick in next year's draft. Would it hurt the development of this young team in the long term? It most certainly could. Could it bruise the ego of a star like Andre Iguodala? I'm not so sure, but it's possible. Would it be entertaining for the next few months? Absolutely.

To me, it basically comes down to how much you're worried about a guy like 19-year old Jrue Holiday maturing as a player over that time and whether you truly believe A.I. would mess up their chances at a lottery pick.

Should the Sixers bring back Allen Iverson?(polls)

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