Quotable: Andre Miller is Hot Right Now


We're just catching up with some of the news of the past week or so but we found this quote from Sixers GM Ed Stefanski worthy of passing along.  As far as Sixers players go, I don't think anybody is an untouchable and put a fair amount of blind trust in the new GM to make some good decisions.  That said, Andre Miller appears to be a hot commodity.

"People really wanted Andre, too," Stefanski said. "But where we are
right now, with Andre playing at that high level with Andre Iguodala, I
would say this is a start. I'm not saying we're done. We do have chips
that people like.

"I will say this: Teams have [noticed] how good [Miller] is. Anyone
can get traded, but he is a very good asset for the 76ers right now."

That said, Stefanski mentioned yesterday that he's in no rush to deal Miller.

The Sixers beat the Sonics on Monday sparked by a strong fourth quarter from Louis Williams.

Unrelated, Andre Iguodala earned the second spot in the NBA's top ten dunks of 2007.  Personally, I think it was more impressive than LeBron's number one dunk.

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