Quotable: Antonio Pierce Discusses Eagles Fans


"Those fans treat you very well when you go down there," said the
Giants linebacker. "They let you know you are number one at all times,
and we are excited to go down there."

This actually made me laugh out loud when I heard it on CSN last night.  Pierce had a big smile on his face, and you could tell he enjoyed his funny.

The Giants middle linebacker is no slouch though, and he knows just how serious a game at the Linc really is.   After the jump, Pierce explains there is no joke about playing in Philadelphia in front of our fans.

Asked to describe Eagles fans, Pierce said, "They are great, they
are great. They love their team. They cheer, they boo, they know all
about your family and your personal life and they let you know about it
and they don't stop.

"It starts from the time those buses pull
in to the time those buses pull out. When you go there you know you
have to be ready for 60 minutes of pure hell because that is how they
make you feel down there."

I'll be at the game Sunday night adding to the Giants hell.

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