Ray Didinger: “The Eagles are a clueless, shapeless mess”


R-Diddy ought to be must read for Eagles fans every week already, but this week's installment of A View From the Hall really hits the nail on the head.

So where do they go from here? They will win a few more games, they may
even finish over .500, but it doesn’t mean a whole lot, not if your
mission statement is winning championships as Jeff Lurie has always
claimed. Right now, the Eagles are moving in the wrong direction.
Seeing players celebrate a tie in Cincinnati is all the proof I need.

This is very damning stuff, folks, and I couldn't agree more.  Many of us have been searching for the right words after Sunday's futile effort, but the frustration has been truly overwhelming.

Once again (and believe me, I’m as tired of writing it as you are
reading it) the play-calling was totally out of whack. Just a few
numbers to ponder:

There were 60 called pass plays (including two sacks) compared to 18 rushing attempts.

The Eagles had 18 third-down plays and did not run the ball on a single one. McNabb passed on 16 of them. Twice he was sacked.

the most telling stat of all: The Eagles had just 18 rushing attempts
in 19 offensive possessions, including the Hail Mary at the end.

has always been difficult to justify Reid’s lopsided play calling, but
that is particularly true this season in a league where the top nine
rushing offenses – starting with the defending Super Bowl champion New
York Giants – have a combined record of 56-24.

For the few brave souls out there that have been defending Andy Reid, this stuff is as elementary as it gets in the game of football.  Run the ball to keep the defense honest.  Run the ball to set up play action.  Run the ball when your quarterback struggles.  Run the ball for short yardage.  The Eagles don't run the ball ever!  We're not talking about pass-first offense, we're talking about pass-only offense, and it's a complete failure.

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