RIP: Johnny Podres


Former Phillies pitching coach Johnny Podres has died.  Commenter extraordinaire and blogger in his own right JohnDewar has a nice little post discussing some of the guys Podres molded.

Podres was an underrated part of the success of the 1993 Phillies as he
guided a pitching staff of cast-offs, has-beens, and never-weres into a
cohesive staff that pushed the team into the 6th and fateful game of
the World Series in 1993. It's obvious from looking at some of the
pitchers from the 1993 staff and what some of them went on to become
that Johnny Podres was a helluva pitching coach:

Read the full post here.

Also, former Phillies pitcher and now blogger, Curt Schilling weighs in on his former teacher.  It starts with some strong words, "Outside of the Lord, my wife and my father there was no person who impacted my life more than Johnny Podres."

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