Ryan Howard: Pay the Man or Wait?


Ryan Howard is going to get paid.  The question remains whether it will in the form of a long term deal for big time dollars or a single season amount determined by arbitration.  Howard's situation seems a bit trickier due to his entering the bigs midway through his twenties.  He won't reach free agency until after the 2011 season at which point The Big Guy will be a ripe old age of 32.  We all want the big guy to get a pay day.  He certainly deserves it, and he'll get it in some form.

From the Phillies point of view, the right move is to slightly low ball the former MVP on a long term deal.  From Howard's perspective, if he accepted such a deal he would get a 8 truckloads of cash and a whole lot of security.  The other play for Ry would be to accept arbitration and drive off in one truck today with the possibility of 10 more trucks down the road.  He'll be eating well either way.

To the average fan, I think the decision to take a slightly cheaper deal and gain all that security seems like the right move.  See: Chase Utley.  To MVP caliber players, you don't know what they're thinking.

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