Sad News: Jim Johnson Has Cancer


The Inquirer is reporting that Jim Johnson, the Eagles defensive coordinator, was told on Monday that he has cancer in his spine. It is a recurrence.

“The original site was a skin cancer in 2001,” team trainer Rick
Burkholder said. “Who knows where it tracked to from there, but his
symptoms came from the spine. Now there are some other areas in his
body (that have cancer), but I’m not going to get into where else some
other stuff is. They will all be treated together. The main deal is his
back right now. He’s got a bone tumor down in his low back and that’s
what we have to attack right now.”

The article also notes that Johnson plans to coach again once he's feeling better. This news would certainly explain Jim's decision to coach from the vantage point of the box high above the field instead of his preferred spot on the sideline where he can get a better feel for the flow of the game and how his players are doing physically and emotionally.

Eagles fans everywhere are hoping for a full and speedy recovery.

>>Coach has begun radiation treatments [Inquirer]

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