Scott Hartnell's Old City Deck Has a Decent View I Guess


For most of my years as a Flyers fan, the players almost uniformly lived in South Jersey, which is where their practice facility is located. However, the trend of late has been for some of them to move into downtown Philly, particularly the Old City area. An NHL film crew caught up with Scott Hartnell to film him preparing a little of what he calls "chicken salad," which is not what you might think it is, but rather, some grilled chicken on a bed of greens.

There's not much to the video, which you'll find after the jump, but the view he has is amazing for a downtown lowrise, sitting right next to Christ Church, with the Liberty buildings and Comcast Center in the distance.

Oddly enough, this video first aired between periods a few weeks ago, right before Hartnell and Lupul landed in the coach's doghouse. Perhaps the addition of a few more chicken salads sparked the turnaround. 

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