Sergei Bobrovsky Has Another New Mask


The Flyers tweeted a few pics of goalie Sergei Bobrovsky's new mask on Friday, and here they are. Unfortunately, the front shot didn't upload properly to their yfrog, so we don't have that, but the sides are pretty clear.

On the right side, under a large Flyers logo, there's a brick wall with his number and initials spraypainted, a style that's repeated with "BOBS" on his chin (his previous mask also had "BOBS" there). And, on the left side, second picture below, you can see Bob's kept the fighter jet theme from his previous primary mask.
Left side:

Looks like he again went with an American fighter and a Russian counterpart, only this time they're on the same side of the mask rather than on separate US/Russian-themed sides. They're quite possibly the same planes we detailed extensively in our previous post on his first mask. We haven't put in the research this time around, but they're pretty close. Also visible is Kuznetsk Fortress, from Bob's native Novokuznetsk, as well as a tower of the Kremlin. Both were featured prominently on Bob's previous mask.

Not the most creative follow-up to last year's primary hat considering there are so many repeated elements, but it's still pretty nice. 

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