Should You Be So Interested, We're Streaming the Shane Victorino Fashion Show Tonight


In news @FakeWIPCaller probably salivates over, Shane Victorino and his wife, Melissa, will be hosting their third annual fashion show tonight to benefit the Shane Victorino foundation, a non-profit "dedicated to promoting opportunities for underserved children."
Cue the, "HOW CAN THOSE RICH MILLIONAIRES GO AND PRANCE AROUND IN SISSY CLOTHES WHEN THEY'RE LOSING BALLGAMES" comments (Our bad if we pre-empted any of your material, Fake).
Anyway, once you've come to grips, as Kulp has, with the fact that this team just isn't very good at the moment, you can watch the event live, as we'll be streaming the Fashion Show here on The700Level starting at 6:45 this evening.
If you've been waiting to see Cole Hamels and/or Hunter Pence in tight pants, well, this is probably for you. Check back in at 6:45 and enjoy the fun. In the meantime, we're told you can tweet questions to @SarahBaicker, who will be covering the event and just might pose some of those queries to the players before or after they do their whole runway thing.
You can also check out pictures and video from past shows here and here.
It's doubtful we'll get a better photoshop job than the one that came out of this year's Flyers show, but maybe, just maybe, one of you will be inspired.

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