Sports Can Still Mean A Lot to People


Rich Hoffman has a piece this morning about a Philadelphia sports fan who passed away recently.  It paints a picture of a Philadelphia fan, a fan who sticks with her team through all the ups and downs, a fan who buys a green Dodge Neon.

"The sports teams in Philadelphia added 5 years to her life, I'm
convinced," Berko said. "She just lived it. Until 4 or 5 years ago, she
could tell you anything about the teams. They kept her going. She
bought a green Dodge Neon when she was about 80 years old because it
was the Eagles' color. That's the kind of thing she did. She could have lived in Guam and they still would have been her team.

"She had been a widow for a long time and sports filled a huge void in
her life. It made up for a lack of money, a lack of companionship,
maybe even a lack of happiness sometimes. It really meant so much to

>>Goldie the original Phillie Phanatic [Daily News]

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