The Eagles Take Back Center Stage in Prime Time on NBC


The Eagles take back their place as the center of Philadelphia sports fans minds this evening with a big prime time meeting with the hated New York Giants. Sure, the Phillies season was technically over last Sunday when the Birds traveled to Seattle to beat the Seahawks, but the high/hangover from the World Series is just wearing off.

Tonight has all the makings of a great NFC East battle. The Giants come into tonight's game with the best record in the NFC while the Birds have strung together three straight wins and look to get a step up on the floundering Cowboys and idle Redskins.

All eyes are on Donovan McNabb and the Eagles tonight.

Kulp did a great job on Friday breaking down the key match ups between the Eagles and Giants. So instead of me repeating it all, check out that post for a more in depth breakdown but these three questions hit the major points nicely.

... it's basically impossible to predict what will actually happen.  Will
the pass rush reach McNabb?  Can the defense contain Jacobs?  Which Eli
will get off the bus?  These are two evenly matched groups, and I think
the winner will be decided by which team best answers those three
questions favorably.

As NBC talking head Chris Collinsworth says, "Of all the rivalries in the NFC East, this is the most intense. It feels like Yankees-Red Sox."

Except this is football where Brian Dawkins is encouraged to rip Plaxico Burress' head off and Trent Cole is paid large sums of money to make Eli Manning hurt.

It's the Eagles against the New York Football Giants live from the Linc in South Philadelphia. We're ready for some football tonight.

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