The Fan Who Snuck Into The Phillies World Series Celebration


ESPN's Rick Reilly profiles a man named Lionel Rodia, a 42-year old Phillies fan, who snuck his way onto the field after the Phillies clinching World Series victory. It's an amazing tale of a fan finding himself in the locker room pouring champagne over the players we all adore.

Reilly writes:

Now Lionel starts going lotto-champagne crazy, squirting
multimillionaire athletes up the nose, in the eyes and down the shorts.
He pours an entire bottle over the head of slugger Ryan Howard. Matt
Stairs gives him a head butt. He kisses pitcher Jamie Moyer on the
cheek and yells, "Thank you for everything!" And Moyer yells, "No,
thank you!"

Lionel's tale is an amazing one worthy of the most glorious Real Man of Genius commercial. We salute Lionel for his noble efforts.

But this quote annoyed us, "'I've never been to a Springsteen concert with him where he didn't say,
'Follow me,' and we didn't end up in the front row,' says Lionel's best
friend, Tom (Tush) Millison."

So basically, he's a dick. Kudos anyway, Lionel. You dick.

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