The Joe Banner Quote Machine is Revved Up


Joe Banner has been making the media rounds as he typically does in the off season saying such things as, "The popularity of Donovan McNabb is as high as any athlete almost anywhere ever here in Philadelphia." But Sam Donnellon summarizes up everything you need to know about what comes out of Banner's mouth thusly:

"Valid" is a word he used several times in last night's broadcast when
he addressed your criticisms of his coach, his quarterback, and his
infrastructure. In almost the next breath, there is invariably a "but"
or an "on the other hand," and by the end of the answer the only thing
clear is that he doesn't see too much that needs to be fixed here.

He does agree anything short of a championship is unacceptable, but on the other hand they have been to 5 NFC championship games under Andy and Donovan.

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