The Korver Karma


The New Year hasn't been kind to Mo Cheeks' group, with the Sixers dropping their first seven games of 2008. The team had a decent 9-7 December, posting a four-game winning streak early in the month and closing out the holiday run by winning four of their last five 2007 games. In the middle of that transition from warm to ice cold, GM Ed Stefanski traded Kyle Korver, a great piece to a more complete team's puzzle, but not a guy whose absence would cause an all-out downward spiral. But maybe its impact is more tangible than we'd thought.

Last night the Sixers beat the Houston Rockets, 111-107, marking their first win of 2008 and only their second since Korver was sent to Utah. Meanwhile, the Jazz are 6-1 since Korver joined the team and have won their last four games. In December, the Jazz went 5-11 and dealt with public turmoil between coach Jerry Sloan and guard Gordan Giricek, whose bad Karma is now hovering around the Sixers' bench.

We still applaud Stefanski's moving of Korver. He cleared some capspace in obtaining Giricek's expiring contract, got a first-round pick,and sent a good role player to a situation where he'll have a chance tomake more of an impact. Kudos to Jazz GM Kevin O'Connor for partingwith a pick for a streaky shooter as well; the move seems to have paidoff in more ways than one, despite the fact that Korver isn't shootingparticularly well for the Jazz just yet. Knowing that the move willhelp the Sixers in the long term, it's easy not to be spiteful aboutKorver and the Jazz's success in its immediate aftermath. 

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