The One Free Agent Who Would Change It All?


David Aldridge has some advice for the Eagles as they assess the free agency market:

Go get Randy Moss.

No hemming about chemistry, no hawing about the price tag.

Sign Moss, a free agent when he's done carrying around the Lombardi Trophy in a month or so, and you're back in the Super Bowl.

If Andy Reid and Company project Donovan McNabb to be almost back tonormal at the start of camp in July and close again to elite statusafter an off-season devoted to rest instead of rehab, then Moss can dofor McNabb what he did for Tom Brady and the Patriots' offense thisseason - make an already-productive unit into a historic one.

Amen. DA also makes the point that Moss would be the best free agent signing for the defense too, turning opposing offenses into one-dimensional units, which would solve that whole "last in the league in INTs" problem. Is it going to happen? I seriously doubt it. We're not that lucky. But we can still dream of Kevin Curtis tearing up the interior like Wes Welker, while Reggie Brown slums up an 800-yard, 7 TD season.

The next best free agent WR? Bernard Berrian. After that would be Bryant Johnson. Not quite the impact signing of a Moss, and both will be looking to get paid. Chad Johnson will make a big stink in Cinci if TJ Housh gets an extension and they don't restructure Ocho-Cinco's deal, but the parallels to The Player are too great for me to think Andy Reid would get involved in that ordeal. The Birds could target a lesser FA, or... we may be in store for the same top 3 as in 2007.

>>Eagles' only missing ingredient is Moss [David Aldridge]

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