The Weekend Phillies Fans Overran Camden Yards In Baltimore


If you tuned in to any of the Phillies games over the weekend, you clearly saw the sea of red in the stands down in Baltimore's Camden Yards. Philadelphia fans packed the Orioles ballpark for all three games and it looked like a phenomenal atmosphere. Sadly, we weren't able to make the trip south, but we asked friend of the Level and Daily News Live producer Dan Roche to share what the vibe was like down in Baltimore at the game on Friday night. These are his words.

Driving down to Baltimore Friday afternoon, I figured there would be a significant presence in the city for the series opener between the Phillies and Orioles. Significant, but less than the experience for Saturday and Sunday, for obvious reasons. If that comparison held, I can't even imagine how many Phillies fans made it to Oriole Park at Camden Yards for the second and third games of the series.

Even at our first stop - Koopers in Fells Point - there were several large groups of Phillies fans enjoying fish tacos and a seasonal from the local microbrews, Heavy Seas. Out the window, the sidewalks began to fill with more red-clad day-trippers.

Wearing a shirt that listed the 2009 starting eight, I ran into a local who snapped off a nice line: "Is that your disabled list?" Had to smile at that. Pride comes before the fall.

Approaching Pickles Pub across the street from Camden Yards, I thought they were giving out Natty Bohs to anyone with Phillies gear on. Mr. Boh was even on hand as part of the welcome wagon for the Phillies faithful.

At the game, I'd say there were two Phillies fans for every Orioles fan in the stands. My first palpable gauge of the experience was the "Choooooooch" calls for Carlos Ruiz' first plate appearance. The place was LOUD, especially in the visiting team's 6-run 2nd inning. It was odd to be at a different stadium, hearing loud cheers for the Phillies at a place 100 miles southwest of South Philadelphia.

As for the $64,000 question, no, I didn't see any fan throwdowns at the game. I think the early 7-run lead had something to do with that. The closest we came to a fight was after the game, as my wife called me everything but a child of God for parking so far away from the stadium.

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Thanks to Dan for sharing his thoughts. Did you make the trip to Baltimore? How was your experience?

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