Tonight: Flyers vs. Penguins in ECF Rematch


Just a reminder that at 7:30 tonight, the Flyers play the biggest game of their young season. They'll visit the Penguins, who bounced them out of the Eastern Conference Finals last season, rather unceremoniously at that.

This team needs a gut-check game. Two forwards have already been called out by their coach for lackluster play, and the team overall has underperformed, especially defensively. Over the last few seasons, the Penguins may have become the Flyers' top rival, and there were a lot of great battles between the teams last season. Their fans absolutely hate our guys, and chances are, you feel the same about theirs. It's beautiful. I love it. But it also means it hurts that much more if the Flyers lose a game like tonight's. A win in Pittsburgh could really help turn things around and fire up the fanbase.

More on tonight's game a little before they drop the puck. 

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