Up Next, Eagles in Seattle


I shamefully admit that when I booked my flight to Seattle a few months ago, I didn't even check the timeframe against the MLB postseason schedule. As a result, I had to change my flight from yesterday to today, costing me about five bills and adding a layover both ways (but at least I get my frequent flier miles back). Money well spent. My cousin and uncle flew in from Denver to be at the parade, and another cousin came up from DC. Tonight, three of the four of us will be in some Seattle bar with McNabb, Dawkins, and Westbrook jerseys on. 

It'll be the fitting end to the best run I've ever had as a Philly
sports fan. Since last Saturday's epic games, I've spent countless hours in bars with big screens, the Phils have won the
weirdest World Series in history, and we spent a great day walking up
and down Broad Street. Part of me is so exhausted from this run (and the walk from Broad & Bainbridge to the sports complex) that
I'm ready to sleep for days, listen to actual music on the radio for a
week, and watch some movies with my very patient and tolerant special lady friend.
But in Philly, the sports season never ends.

For years, we've been taunted about how we always have to move onto the next sports team, because every few months for 25 years, our teams have bowed out of contention in systematic succession. That's not the case this year (in your face, everyone else!), but this town will still move on to the next. The Eagles have a fighter's chance at postseason play, and the Flyers and Sixers look like they'll give us another pair of exciting Wach Center seasons and postseasons, just like last year.

So don't stop celebrating the Phillies yet. There's too much to relive, and we'll be doing a lot of that here over the next week or so. But for once, moving on to the next team's season isn't about closing another fruitless chapter. It's about hoping for two parades in one year.

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