Video: Peter Laviolette Shoves Steve Ott


After the end of the first period on Wednesday night, the Versus telecast showed Flyers head coach Peter Laviolette having some words with Dallas Stars center Steve Ott in the entrance to the tunnel. After Ott appeared to have blocked the coach's path back to the dressing room, wanting the coach to allow the Stars to go off first, Lavy gave Ott a bit of a shove to get out of his way.

Peter Laviolette's badass level continues to rise.

The extracurricular activity continued in the second period with Ott chirping with the entire Flyers bench. Marc-Andre Bourdon tried to go at it with him, dropping the gloves but once he did, Ott never engaged, sending the Flyer to the box for two minutes.

Sestito and Burish were sent off for something or other as well. It was that kind of night in Dallas, constant jawing plenty of sin bin traffic.

Tim Panaccio has a full report, with quotes from each party. It seems Ott didn't appreciate Lavvy trying to use the tunnel before the Stars had cleared the bench. Guess that's a big deal in that arena... Maybe if they had a tunnel for each bench...?

Here's Lavvy talking the the press after the game, via Anthony
San Filippo of the Delco Times. Wasn't too interested in addressing the
Ott incident, and with good reason, given that it may be looked at by
the league.

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