Video: Sons of Ben Head to MLS Draft


Whatever means necessary!  Fine video put together by FanHouse.

At the draft, the MLS commissioner says the Chester stadium may be leading the competition with St. Louis, "If Philadelphia is able to finalize their plan, they have been leading the charge and have a step ahead of St. Louis."

And look: There may be a heated rivalry with DC! over Soccer!

He spoke during a break from a loud and energetic soccer draft,
with hundreds of fans chanting and singing for their teams. "Pick St.
Louis! Pick St. Louis!" a group of DC United fans chanted to the
commissioner, taunting about 20 members of the Sons of Ben fan club who
traveled here to cheer the Philadelphia area's prospects.

It was the first glimpse of what might turn into a heated soccer
rivalry between Washington and Philadelphia, complete with the chants
and songs that characterize followers of the sport around the world.
Indeed, one of the appeals for MLS of having a Philadelphia team is the
city's proximity to New York and Washington, and the rivalries that
would engender.

>>'A step ahead' in MLS race? [Inquirer]

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