We the People Like the Looks of This Possible Ilya Bryzgalov Mask


When we posted a picture and link to the Ilya Bryzgalov Tiger mask painted by Stephane Bergeron of La Griffe Originale, Level reader Bill commented that the people at Drummond Custom Airbrush in Bucks County were working on Bryz's mask. I checked in with Drummond last week to see if this was the case, and they confirmed that they were indeed working on Bryzgalov's mask.

On Monday night, @PuckDucky tweeted a picture she said was Drummond's Bryzgalov mask (right), which appears to be adorned with some awesomely Philly-centric images. Drummond confirms that this is their mask, and we're pretty eager to see the rest of this it.

The Preamble of the Constitution is clearly visible at the top, with Article 1 starting above a Flyers logo. If I had to guess, I'd say that's Independence Hall and the Art Museum on the sides. Said to be a big history buff, this might be right up Bryzgalov's alley.

These particular Philly landmarks have previously been featured on Flyers goalie masks before, with the Art Museum on a previous Martin Biron mask and Independence Hall most recently seen on Bobrovsky's first Flyers mask. We're looking forward to seeing how Drummond fills out the rest of the frame.

More pics as they appear.

(seen via Dave Isaac)

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