What They Say About Hockey is True


As Matt mentioned over the weekend, we both took in Saturday's Flyers game at the Wachovia Center against the Boston Bruins.  As you all know, I'm pretty much your typical casual Flyers fan and this was my second trip to see the Flyguys play this season.  The other time was actually at the Verizon Center in DC about a month or so back.

You know how they say hockey is a much better sport live and in person?  It's very true.  Believe it.  I had great seats: 2nd row in the mezzanine right at center ice.  I'm sure that contributed to my experience, but this was one entertaining game.  (Matt posted a recap with video highlights of the game here.)

Both teams came out playing high energy hockey and the hits were flowing in the first period.  It was the kind of period that had you thinking there was going to be plenty of fisticuffs to follow later in the game.

The Flyers got out to an early lead but really slowed down and seemed to have lost a bit in the 2nd period.  Boston looked a lot better after the first intermission and took control of the game after a couple of misplayed goals by Nitty.

But the Flyers didn't disappoint and turned things on in the third period playing entertaining hockey.  They stormed back to tie things up at three all but lost it on a crowd deflating goal in overtime.

As I told my buddy: it was an awesome game to be at except for the final 10 seconds.

The crowd down there at Flyers games is an impressive bunch  High energy, more jerseys than an Eagles game, and all in all a good crew.  Even if they are missing a few teeth.

Random observation: Zdeno Chara is an absolute behemoth.  6 foot 9! Check out this video of him busting some dude's face open.

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