What's With B-Dawk's Babushka?


Brian Dawkins may have a third eye, or horns coming out of his skull and we'd never know. Can you think of the last time Dawkins has been on TV or at a press conference without a hat, do-rag, sock, or whatever the hell this is, covering his head? Sure, up to 55% of the body's heat is lost through the head, so maybe B-Dawk just wants to stay warm. But this is getting out of control.

Why has the head covering become so... pronounced?We know Dawkins gets excited for games, but this is a little extreme.

So, I've been trying for the last few minutes to think of something funny as to why Dawkins would put himself on national TV looking like this. The only jokes I can muster involve a Polish cleaning lady, David Duke and that scene in Naked Gun with Leslie Nielsen and Priscilla Presley in those full body condoms. And I'm pretty sure none of that is funny.

If you can think of something smart and humorous you can win a prize* and your comment will be featured in tomorrow's Morning Extras.If this works, we'll keep doing it every day (or so) as it seems to work on lots of other sites and could be fun. We'll try to keep the photos Philly-centric of course.

Here it is in full:

• - prize will come in the form of undying gratitude. Shipping and handling not included.

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