Who You Gonna Root For?


It's the Dilemma Bowl for Eagles fans this year. No one is playing against an NFC East team, so the easy schadenfreude factor is out. The NFC representative got to Tampa by beating the favored Eagles, so we don't have the warm and fuzzies about the Cardinals, however Cinderella their story. Many of us don't care at all about the Steelers, but there are quite a few who hate them with a passion, and yet another pocket (albeit smaller) who root for them because they're from the same state as we are.

So what group do you fall into?

"Anything but another Stillers Super Bowl?"   Please, don't let the team that beat us win it all? That could have been us..." Or is there pride in losing only to the team that would eventually win it all?

Either way, we know where the sea creatures are leaning.

And the kodiak bears.

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