WS Memories: We Are the Champions


Growing up, I used to watch a VHS highlight tape of the Sixers 1983 championship season that featured a clip of Mo Cheeks sealing the deal with a layup in the final moments of the deciding game of the series. As Mo laid it in, Queen's "We Are the Champions" was played over the game audio as the crowd went crazy.

Sure, it's the same song every championship team uses, but it's one every sports fan dreams of hearing live and in person in their hometown. Last Wednesday, Philadelphia was treated to numerous rousing renditions of Queen's classic. One of my favorite moments of the last week was when it was played over the Citizens Bank Park loud speakers for 40,000 loyal Phillies fans to sing along to. It was beautiful. Our friend Carl captured that moment at the end of the video after the jump. It's goosebumps inducing.

Two other less predictable versions of the song took place well after the game ended. The first, as seen in this video, was on a packed Septa car from Pattison Avenue heading north towards one William Penn and the thousands of fans throwing an impromptu party in the streets of Center City. There was no loud speaker, there was no cheesy production value, there were simply happy Phillies fans who just witnessed their team win the World Series.

We Are The Champions - Philadelphia Subway from enrico on Vimeo.

More on another instance from the parade at a later date.

And from directly following the game:

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