2020 NFL Draft: How Eagles got to know Jalen Reagor while the world was closed


Because the NFL shut down a month and a half ago and there were very few personal visits during the pre-draft process, you would think the Eagles and other teams would have been handicapped making player evaluations.

Jalen Reagor has never set foot in the NovaCare Complex, and he hasn’t been to Philly since 2007, when his dad Montae played for the Eagles and he was just 7 years old. The Eagles haven’t spoken to him in person since the Combine back in February.

But the Eagles believe they actually were able to get to know Reagor better this spring than they would have under normal circumstances.

“We try to get as many people with as many guys as possible through this process,” Howie Roseman said. “I think even more guys were talking to these players than we normally have in this process because everyone had the time to go reach out. So a lot people are doing FaceTime interviews with Jalen and really a lot of players in this Draft.”

Teams value personal contact with a player immeasurably. For the Eagles it may not be up there with what he does on the field and how he tests, but it’s close. They want to know what kind of person they’re getting, not just what kind of player. 

And the Eagles believe that with constant communication between Reagor and their coaches and scouts these last several weeks they did get to know him.

They just weren’t in the same room.

“With Jalen, we had a formal interview with him at the combine and got to know him there,” Vice President of player personnel Andy Weidl said. “After that, we did video chats with him and spent time with him on FaceTime and whatnot. He's a guy we have a previous history with. Obviously, his father played here with the Eagles, and so there was a comfort level for us as a person.”

The Eagles selected Reagor, a TCU wide receiver, with the 21st pick Thursday night. 

And the level of contact between the Eagles and Reagor didn’t go unnoticed on Reagor’s part.

“The Eagles showed the most interest out of any team,” he said. “It was a few teams that were up there but … there’s a difference. I can tell when you're doing your due diligence and when you're showing you're actually interested in me. The Eagles did that, and, man, they made my dream come true today.”

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