2020 NFL Draft: One thing the Eagles are very good at is drafting QBs


Eighth in a series grading the Eagles' premium-round draft picks over the last 40 years. Today: Quarterbacks. Tomorrow: Tight ends.

They don’t do it very often, but when the Eagles do draft a quarterback they generally get it right.

The Eagles have drafted only six quarterbacks in the first two rounds over the last 47 years, but four of the six were big-time hits. All four made at least one Pro Bowl – one made six, another made four – and two of them reached a Super Bowl.

If the Eagles drafted other positions as well as they drafted quarterbacks they would have won a whole bunch of Super Bowls by now.

1st Round

Donovan McNabb (2nd pick in 1999 draft): Didn’t win a Super Bowl but went 92-49-1 as an Eagles starter, won nine playoff games and threw more than twice as many TDs (216) as INTs (100). During the decade of the 2000s, only Peyton Manning, Brett Favre and Tom Brady won more games or threw more TDs, and only Brady won more playoff games. 

Grade: A

Carson Wentz (2nd pick in 2016 draft): Goes into his fifth season with exceptional regular-season numbers – 97 TDs, 35 INTs and a 64 percent completion percentage. No QB in NFL history has matched those numbers in their first four years. But Wentz still hasn’t finished a playoff game, and until he wins one or two his grade can’t go any higher. 

Grade: B

2nd Round

Randall Cunningham (37th pick in 1985 draft): Cunningham evolutionized the quarterback position with his monster arm and electrifying running ability. But he wasn’t just a great athlete. Cunningham went 63-43-1 as the Eagles’ starter and during his six years as a full-time starter threw 133 TDs and just 80 interceptions. Randall made three Pro Bowls as an Eagle (and another as a Viking) and got the Eagles to the playoffs four times, though they won just once. All this despite getting sacked more often than any QB in NFL history and having sub-par receivers during most of his time with the Eagles.

Grade: A 

Kevin Kolb (36th pick in 2007 draft): The heir apparent to Donovan McNabb won only three games in an Eagles uniform and threw just 11 TDs in seven starts before being replaced by Michael Vick. He played a couple years for the Cards (and beat the Eagles in 2012) before retiring with concussion issues after a brief stint with the Bills. 

Grade: D

3rd Round

Bobby Hoying (85th pick in 1996 draft): The Eagles thought they had a record-setting quarterback after Hoying’s career got off to a quick start in 1997, and they were right. In 1998 he set an NFL record for most pass attempts without a touchdown (224) and became the only QB in the last 50 years to throw nine or more interceptions in a season without a TD pass. Definitely a record setter.

Grade: F

Nick Foles (88th pick in 2012 draft): Won the Super Bowl.

Grade: A-plus-plus-plus-plus


1st round: A
2nd round B-minus
3rd round: C-plus
Overall: B

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