Carson Wentz announces launch of free food truck


Leave it to Carson Wentz to announce a new charity initiative during the middle of a different charity event. 

That’s exactly what the Eagles’ star quarterback did Friday night. 

During his inaugural AO1 Foundation Charity Softball Game, Wentz announced the creation of a 25-foot truck that will distribute food to folks in the Delaware Valley who need it. 

“The goal is to provide something different, to provide the atmosphere to just love on people,” Wentz said. “I think things that are free these days are kind of confusing. There’s no strings attached with this. I think people will just see and experience something different with that.”

The food truck is named “Thy Kingdom Crumb.” The AO1 Foundation and Wentz’s church, The Connect Church, in Cherry Hill, partnered up for this one. Wentz said he and his church liked the idea and the church already had some long-term plans, so they went in together. 

Wentz unveiled the finished truck, that’s supposed to start operation in August, during his softball game Friday night at Citizens Bank Park. 

“I know, God-willing, I’ll be here a long time,” Wentz said. “Really starting to fall in love with this area, knowing the need for certain spots. … Just such a cool idea, to be able to give out free food. It’s just a concept I don’t think is out there these days. Just to be able to go into these communities and surprise people and to show them something that they’ve never seen before, experienced before and show them that love.”

Wentz doesn’t know exactly how the food truck will operate just yet. He said one day the truck might be giving away Chick-fil-a and another day it might be giving away “mom’s lasagna.” While the details are still being worked out — it was hard because they don’t know of any other similar food truck to base it on — Wentz is hoping local grocery stores, food distributors and restaurants will help his cause. 

On the food truck’s website, it gives the goal of the project: “Thy Kingdom Crumb exists to demonstrate the love of God and to infuse his hope by feeding people and uplifting communities.”

While Wentz founded the AO1 Foundation just last year, it’s already done a lot of work. In addition to the new food truck, Wentz has the softball game, youth outdoor camps, helps fund service and companion dogs and on Friday night handed in a check of $520,000 to help fund a sports complex in Haiti. That $520,000 was half from donations before Wentz matched the other half. And the event on Friday night raised $850,000, according to the AO1 Foundation. 

It’s clear the 25-year-old quarterback wants his charity work — probably more than his on-field play — to be his legacy. That’s why he created a foundation going into his second NFL season. On Friday night, Wentz credited his brother Zach for running the show. Carson said he has great ideas, but he depends on others to help orchestrate the logistics.

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