Carson Wentz is ‘trusting the process' in his rehab


After seeing Carson Wentz ramp up his rehab during spring practices, reporters were pretty eager on Wednesday to ask him for an update. 

There wasn’t much of one. 

“Just keep progressing, just stay the course,” Wentz said. “As my man Joel Embiid would say, just keep trusting the process.” 

This process has Wentz now doing individual drills and has him involved in 7-on-7s. It also has Eagles fans incredibly encouraged about his progress. After all, Wentz has continued to say his goal is to be ready for Week 1 and we haven’t seen anything to dissuade that. 

Wentz said he’d love to be “full bore” but is still feeling pretty good with where he’s at in his recovery from a torn ACL and LCL he suffered on Dec. 10. 

During the last few weeks, in practices open to reporters, Wentz hasn’t seemed to be favoring his surgically repaired left knee. In fact, he’s looked pretty comfortable planting on that knee, which has been sitting inside a black brace. 

Perhaps one of the most important developments from his media session on Wednesday after practice was his confidence in his mechanics. Remember, he altered some of his footwork and possibly even his throwing motion before the start of last season. 

“I feel great with my mechanics,” Wentz said. “I feel like I’ve been able to retain those pretty well. Even since I got hurt, I’ve been able to do some seated throwing throughout the whole time. That’s one thing I’ve emphasized a lot, to make sure those don’t go away.”

Seated throwing? 

Wentz said he didn’t think anyone really recommended throwing from the seat of his pants. It was just difficult to become a spectator for the playoffs, so he started doing it on his own. Maybe that will give him a little edge in his recovery. 

For the next five weeks, Wentz will spend most of his time around Philly while he rehabs at the team facility. He’ll have some down time, but mostly just working on his recovery. 

Last summer, he took his receivers to North Dakota for a little retreat. Wentz thinks that’s probably not going to happen this year just because he needs to be at the facility to rehab. “I know they might be sad about that,” he said through a smile. 

There are plenty of benchmarks left for Wentz to hit in his recovery, but the big one still looms. Eventually, he’ll need to be cleared for contact. Until that happens, he won’t be able to play. 

“It's just a matter of steady progression as we build towards training camp,” Doug Pederson said. “He's going to work extremely hard over the next month, month and a half, and be ready for camp, obviously, and then we'll just reevaluate. But those boxes will all get checked based on what our doctors and training staff will put forth for him.” 

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